The Element Floss Holder

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C-Shaped Flossing

The American Dental Association recommends people utilize C-shape flossing. The Element gives you this ability to “floss like a dentist” and hug each tooth with a C-shape as you floss.

Great for Tightly Spaced Teeth

The Element was purposefully engineered with crowded teeth in mind. First, the Element helps keep the floss as tight as possible to begin with. However, our testing has shown that very closely spaced teeth stretch the floss material itself. The Element effectively counters this problem. Using just the press of your finger, you can quickly re-tighten any loose floss caused by tight spacing. That means you won’t have to replace the floss in order to finish cleaning your mouth.

Works With Many Types of Floss

We tested 11 well-known types of floss with the Element reusable floss pick. Although the Element has worked with every major type of floss that we’ve tested so far, we generally recommend that you use a high quality monofilament or tape floss with the Element for best results. Click here to see examples of the floss that we’ve tested and which ones worked well.

A Secure Spool

For on-the-go flossing, we designed a spool that can carry a small amount of floss in a secure and hygienic pocket within the Element itself. Secure: Because the floss won’t unwind until you’re ready to use it. Yet unwinding is super-easy with a slight tug at the floss. Hygienic: Because the floss is tucked away in a pocket of the flosser that’s safe from environmental contaminants. So floss away after a meal at a friend’s house or picnic!

Easy to Use

We made sure that you only have to perform one easy loop around the Element to start flossing. That’s it.

Reach the Back Molars

With the Element’s slim design, reaching all the way back to your very last molars is a breeze. Your dentist will probably like that as well.

Gum Protection

The Element reusable flosser has a smooth, rounded, finish to the parts that enter your mouth.

Precise Floss Control

The Element has two ways by which you can precisely control the tension of the floss should you need to. You can control this tension using just the press of a finger or with an easy locking mechanism. We’ll explain more in our upcoming instructional videos.


The Element’s organic shape and curves contour to your fingers and hand in a manner that’s comfortable to hold and easy to grip.



By using the Element, you can stop 1,000 single-use floss picks (and the 2.5 pounds of trash they add up to) from entering our landfills every single year. No greenwashing here. It’s just simple math. See our evidence-based research about this, reviewed by a former EPA scientist.


We really dislike planned obsolescence. So we’ve built an eco-friendly flosser that’s durable and therefore sustainable. All else equal, the Element’s long term use will be far better for the planet than disposable flossers that require the extraction of endless resources and the creation of endless waste.

Right to Repair

In the unlikely event you lose a part, we’ll never force you to buy the whole thing all over again. That’s just bad for you and for the planet. We’re making spare parts available for individual purchase to minimize the use of our planet’s resources.

45% Less Floss

The American Dental Association recommends using 18 inches of floss when flossing with your fingers. The Element only needs about 10 inches of floss. This is 45% less floss than you’d have to use when flossing with your fingers.



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Absolutely. We’ve designed the Element to account for a lot of crowded areas.

Floss naturally loses tension with use, no matter what. The Element effectively counters this.

Any color, so long as it’s black.


This really depends on the type of floss you’re using. At the very least, the spool can securely hold enough floss for one session of flossing.


In short, the Element was designed to work with almost any kind of floss. This includes flat, monofilament, string, and multifilament floss.

In fact, we tested over 10 different types of floss so far.

Generally speaking though, we strongly recommend that you use a high quality monofilament or tape floss with the Element. Monofilament floss doesn’t unravel or split apart, unlike multifilament floss that unravels like strands of yarn or splits into multiple strings under stress. Tape floss is very flat, like a sheet of paper, and rarely splits apart either if it’s made out of high quality material.

In order to properly balance safety, sustainability, and reasonable costs to consumers…months of research has shown we have to use a polymer of one sort or another.

So the Element will be made out of a BPA-free polymer.  Because of the Element’s durable design, it will use far less plastic over its lifetime than the amount of disposable plastic picks you’d have to use instead.

We won’t use a “bioplastic” like PLA (PolyLactic Acid, the “corn starch plastic”). That’s because that would be outright greenwashing. Based on objective data from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, bioplastics are actually more harmful to the planet than traditional plastics. A carbon capture scientist, and a microplastics scientist, agreed with our research into this here and here.

Research and development, manufacture, and quality control occur in the United States of America.

Until we are 100% sure of the material that the Element will be made of, we can’t answer this question with certainty. Most likely you’ll simply clean the Element with 100% natural plant soap using a natural sponge or soft-bristled toothbrush and lukewarm water.

The Element uses ~45% less floss than flossing with your fingers. The Element only needs about 10 in (~25 cm) of floss.

The Element is about 4 in (10 cm) long.

Final dimensions and weight are pending confirmation of material design.

The Element will be registered with the FDA as a class I medical device as required by law. The FDA doesn’t require, nor accept submissions for, approval of class I medical devices such as this. So “FDA approval” isn’t even an option for us.

The Element has patents pending.

Prior to using the Element, consult your dentist. The Element is not for use by minors and may present a choking hazard.

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