Vegan Whey Protein

The RADiKAL Guide

Learn everything there is to know about animal-free (non-animal) whey protein: safety, nutrition, how it’s made, and much more. All backed by objective scientific evidence, regulatory documents, and patent data.


What Is Non-Animal Whey Protein?

What You’ll Learn

If you want to quickly learn about the basics of animal-free whey protein, start here. This chapter provides a fast, simple, and high-level overview of this entire guide using an FAQ format. Each Question/Answer provides a link to further details, should they interest you.


How Is Vegan Whey Protein Made?

What You’ll Learn

This chapter covers the 3 ways by which animal-free whey protein is made, in easy detail. We cover the organisms that make it, how genetic modification is involved, and a lot more.


Is Vegan Whey Protein Safe?

What You’ll Learn

This is the chapter to read if you’re worried about heavy metal contamination, the identity of the protein in vegan whey, or the genetic modifications used for the production of animal-free whey. And a lot more, of course.


Vegan Whey vs. Normal Whey

What You’ll Learn

This chapter goes into great detail, comparing the nutritional profiles of vegan whey and normal (dairy-based) whey protein. We also compare and contrast their safety profiles given the hard data available.


Is Animal-Free Whey Vegan?

What You’ll Learn

There is a big debate about the ethics of animal-free whey, and whether or not it’s truly vegan. See what PETA, vegan organizations, and vegans have to say. Then, decide for yourself.


The Best Vegan Whey Protein Powders

What You’ll Learn

This chapter goes over every available animal-free whey protein powder out on the market in great detail. Compare and contrast each one, and then get the one that speaks to you the most. Not a sponsored article.


119 Precision Fermentation Stats

What You’ll Learn

Vegan whey is made via precision fermentation. You’ll be surprised to learn about this technology’s greenhouse gas emissions, water use, and what consumers think about it in this chapter full of amazing statistics.


Glossary of Terms

What You’ll Learn

If you’re confused as to the difference between plant-based whey, vegan whey, and non-animal whey protein (and lots of other terms in this guide), then check out this glossary that’s filled with quick and easy explanations.