The Element’s Development Timeline

Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3

Phase 1 – Pre-Order (25% Off)

The Element floss holder has been in R&D for a few years. Successful beta testing has been largely completed.

In order to continue our careful commitment to quality control:

We’ll manufacture and ship the Element in three deliberate phases.

Phase 1 is the pre-order stage.

All pre-orders will come with a 25% discount to the final retail price. This price will be decided upon shortly.

Pre-orders are available in limited quantities.

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Importantly, all pre-order purchases come with a risk-free guarantee.


If we don’t move to manufacture for any reason, then you’ll get an automatic 100% refund.


If you wish to cancel your pre-order at any time prior to the start of manufacture, just let us know and you’ll get a 100% refund. No questions asked.

When manufacture begins:

We’ll publish a blog post and send out a newsletter to inform everyone of the start of manufacture.

At the time the notice of the start of manufacture is posted on our website, all pre-orders will be locked-in.

Once this notice is published:

You won’t be able to cancel your pre-order.

Instead, your order will be subject to our warranty policy once you receive your Element.

Phase 2 – Waitlist (10% Off)

After phase 1 ends:

A no-commitment waitlist will open up to anyone who wants to buy the Element with a 10% discount to the final retail price.

Once all pre-orders have been shipped:

Waitlisted individuals will receive an e-mail alert to buy the Element before the 10% discount expires.

After this window of time expires:

Only retail purchases will be allowed (i.e. phase 3).

All waitlisted orders are subject to our warranty once you receive your Element.

Phase 3 – Retail+

Once all waitlisted purchases have been shipped:

The Element will open up to general sale at the retail price.

After Phase 3:

We’ll look into developing additional attachment heads for the Element, such as a toothpick, tongue scraper, or toothbrush…

As well as auxiliary items like a hard case and handle extension.

This is the phase where we may add additional color options.


If there are any general updates to phases 1-3:

They will be posted on our blog and sent via our newsletter once every 3-4 months.

In the very unlikely event we need to send a user-specific update, you’ll get a private e-mail.

Contacting us for additional updates is extremely unlikely to yield any further information than that which is available on our website.

This policy allows us to focus our time and efforts on the important task at hand:

Getting a quality Element in your hands ASAP.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.