Your Rights. The Planet’s.


Your Right to Repair

While we’ve designed the Element floss holder in a durable manner, we have to be realistic.

Things get lost.

They get broken accidentally.

Everything breaks down eventually.

Taking a lesson from our grandparent’s generation of self-reliance and minimal waste, we’ve focused on the right to repair in our design of the Element.

The Element was engineered to be easily repaired via 4 methods.

So you’ve got plenty of choices, depending on your unique circumstances, as to which method is most convenient and eco-friendly in your case:

  • Repurpose old parts you have at home.
  • Buy a cheap analog part at a local store.
  • Purchase only the part you need directly from us.
  • 3D print a clone of the part you want.

The exact manner by which each part can be replaced or repaired is pending the final design of the Element…

And environmental considerations.

No matter what though:

We’ll never force you to buy an entirely new Element when you only need to replace one little part.

That much is certain.

Your Right to Privacy

Your private life is exactly that.

We value your privacy and do our utmost to collect as little information about you as possible.

The little we do collect is almost entirely used to fulfill your requests (orders, e-mails, and newsletter subscriptions).

And we never sell your data either.

In fact we’ve purposefully chosen to avoid Google Analytics in favor of a privacy-respecting, open-source, and GDPR-compliant analytics platform called Plausible.

You can learn more about all of this in our Privacy Policy.

Your Right to Be Forgotten

As mentioned in our privacy policy, we barely collect any info about you.

However, we support those who wish to delete the digital data we have stored online.

Therefore, we offer the right to be forgotten. You can read the details in our Privacy Policy.