The Element’s Features

C-Shaped Flossing
Tightly-Spaced Teeth
Compatible Floss
Secure Spool
Easily Wind Floss

C-Shaped Flossing

The American Dental Association recommends people utilize C-shape flossing.

The Element gives you this ability to “floss like a dentist”.

Great for Tightly Spaced Teeth

Months of testing proved something important:

All types of floss lose tension as you clean your teeth. No matter what. And this is even more of an issue with closely spaced teeth.

But don’t worry.

The Element was engineered with that in mind.

Using just the press of your finger, you can quickly re-tighten the floss.

That means:

You won’t have to replace the floss in order to finish cleaning your mouth.

Works With Many Types of Floss

We tested 11 well-known types of floss with the Element.

This included:

  • Flat (tape) and string floss
  • Monofilament and multifilament floss

We came to two conclusions.


Monofilament and tape floss are less likely to sag, fray, and stretch when used with your fingers or a floss holder.


The Element’s design doesn’t alter the strength or quality of the floss you choose to use it with.


We generally recommend that you use a high quality monofilament or tape floss with the Element.

Examples of floss we’ve tested include:

  • Oral-B Glide Pro-Health tape floss *
  • Listerine Cool Mint *
  • Colgate Total Original tape floss *
  • Dr. Tung’s activated charcoal vegan floss (strong, but on the thicker side) *
  • Tom’s of Maine antiplaque flat floss
  • Listerine Gentle Gum Care floss
  • Reach waxed floss
  • Oral-B Satin
  • Radius vegan sponge floss
  • Oral-B Essential
  • Burkhart (private label floss your dentist may give you)

All of these types of floss worked well with the Element for people with adequately spaced teeth. An * indicates that this type of floss also worked well for people with closely-spaced teeth.

Did you want us to test a specific type of floss? Let us know! We’d be happy to.

A Secure Spool

The Element reusable floss pick is large enough to be ergonomic.

Yet it’s small enough to fit in your pocket or purse. For when you need it on the go, of course.

But why bring an entire pack of floss…

When you only need a little bit of floss after dinner with friends?

This is why we designed a spool that can carry a small amount of floss in a secure and hygienic pocket within the flosser itself.


Because the floss won’t unwind until you’re ready to use it. Yet unwinding is super-easy with a slight tug at the floss.


Because the floss is tucked away in a pocket of the flosser that’s safe from environmental contaminants.

Easy to Use

There’s nothing more annoying than having to wind the floss around a floss holder in a complex manner.

Nobody has time for that.

We made sure you only have to do one easy loop around the Element.

That’s it.


The Element reusable flosser is made of three distinct parts:

  • The attachment head
  • The body
  • The tail

This design increases the Element’s modularity and extensibility. As well as your right to repair.

In phase 3 of our timeline, we want to offer a:

  • Toothbrush, toothpick, or tongue scraper head
  • Longer handle
  • Something you want even more? Let us know what it is.

This way:

You can gain added functionality from your Element without having to buy the body and tail again. You’ll already have them.

And don’t worry, we’re doing our best to ensure everything is as reverse and future compatible as possible.

All of this is good for you.

And for the planet.

Reach the Back Molars


And with the Element’s slim design…

Reaching all the way back to your very last molars is a breeze. Your dentist will probably like that as well.

Gum Protection

The Element has a smooth, rounded, finish to the parts that enter your mouth.

This helps protect your gums.

Moreover, the Element lets you control the tension of the floss in a very precise manner. From really loose to extremely tight, and everything in between.

That lets you adjust the tension of the floss in a way that’s mindful of the sensitivity of your gums.

Couple that ability with gum-sensitive floss, and the Element works even better.

Disclaimer: you should talk to your dentist about all of this to be safe.

Precise Floss Control

The Element has two ways by which you can precisely control the tension of the floss should you need to.

You can control this tension using just the press of a finger or with an easy locking mechanism. We’ll explain more in our upcoming instructional videos.

With Hygiene in Mind

We took into account several hygienic factors when designing the Element.


There are two ways to string (wind the floss around) the flosser.

One easy method relies on having clean hands. Our upcoming instructional videos will tell you more.

The other method is demonstrated in our trailer video.

This method ensures that you don’t have to touch any part of the floss that will enter your mouth. Just in case your hands aren’t clean.


You can take the floss off of the Element without touching any part of the floss or Element that entered your mouth.


We used a math trick for hygiene’s sake.

The part of the flosser that enters your mouth is mathematically free of sharp corners or edges. Basically: we used a smooth, continuous curvature, to our design.

This minimizes the places where grime can get stuck.

And it makes cleaning the Element that much faster and easier.


You can hygienically store your Element in one of many ways.

Stand it upright.

Place it into a toothbrush holder.

Or let it self-balance on its belly in order to keep the parts that enter your mouth from touching the surface the Element is resting on.


We are equally mindful of the needs of left and right-handed individuals.

The Element loves both.


The Element’s organic shape and curves contour to your fingers and hand in a manner that’s comfortable to hold and easy to grip.

Besides comfort, this has an added bonus.

It helps you precisely maneuver the flosser exactly the way you want to.


We currently plan on manufacturing the flosser, and conducting quality control, in the United States of America.

Environment, Health, and Rights

There’s a lot more:

  • We’re lab testing the Element for your health and safety.