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Absolutely. We’ve designed the Element to account for a lot of crowded areas. See our Features page for more info.

Floss naturally loses tension with use, no matter what. The Element effectively counters this.

To get a lot more info about this topic, see our Features page.

First, we definitely recommend you consult a dentist about this prior to using the Element.

Secondly, the Element will most likely work for you and we describe why in more detail on our Features page.

Phase 1 and 2 (timeline) orders will likely come in one common color such as black and/or a color that may reflect the natural color of the material. Further color options are planned for phase 3.

While we appreciate the desire to have multiple color choices, our primary focus is on getting a high quality flosser into the hands of pre-order backers first.

This really depends on the type of floss you’re using. At the very least, the spool can securely hold enough floss for one session of flossing. See our Features page for a lot more info about the spool.

These details are being flushed out, pending the final design. Learn more about how the Element protects your right to repair.

Additional features planned for phase 3 of our timeline include:

  • A hard case
  • Alternative attachment heads, like a toothbrush, toothpick, and tongue scraper
  • Additional colors
  • An extended tail for those who prefer longer handles

These are not available during phase 1 and 2 of our timeline.

Orders, Payments, & Shipping

We only sell the Element reusable floss pick on the order page of this website.

Your order will contain the following:

  • A small, quick-start and feature, guide made with eco-friendly material
  • The Element reusable flosser (with the flosser attachment head only)
  • A soft carry pouch made out of natural material

Our shipping and handling fee includes:

  • Insurance
  • The cost of the postage
  • The handling fee

The Element reusable flosser is being manufactured and shipped in 3 distinct phases. For more information on this, please see our estimated timeline.

Most customers residing in the continental United States of America (lower 48 states) will receive their order within 15 business days after shipment.

All orders shipped outside the continental United States of America will take longer to arrive. Our prior experience dictates that a lot of the shipping speed depends on each country’s individual customs capabilities and regulations, as well as each country’s varied postal service efficiencies.

Typically: most customers residing in Hawaii, Alaska, and internationally receive their order within 30 business days after shipment.

However, we have had a very small number of instances where packages got inexplicably “stuck” at another country’s customs facilities for 2-3 months and there is unfortunately nothing we can do about this. This can happen to any shipment from any country or company, it’s not limited to Free RadiKal. It appears to be completely random. Nevertheless, so far all such “stuck” shipments got delivered despite the significant delay.

We ship to most locations in the world. Customers shipping their items outside of the U.S. are fully responsible for any import/export taxes and fees.

We accept all major credit cards via our payment processor, Stripe.

Please see our Warranty page for more info.

Warranty & Guarantee

Updated information can be found on our warranty page.

Updated information can be found on our warranty page.


In short, the Element reusable flosser was designed to work with almost any kind of floss. This includes flat, monofilament, string, and multifilament floss.

In fact, we tested over 10 different types of floss so far (more to come later). We go over exactly which kinds of floss the Element works best with, and the names of floss we’ve tested, in our detailed answer on the Features page.

We are currently researching and testing the best material for the Element in terms of realistically balancing sustainability, durability, and hygiene without greenwashing things.

Please see the details on the way the Element floss holder is eco-friendly.

Research and Development

The United States of America


The United States of America or Canada (tentative/strongly leaning). Alternatively: UK or EU.

Quality Control

The United States of America or Canada (tentative/strongly leaning). Alternatively: UK or EU.

Raw Materials

The United States of America or Canada (tentative/strongly leaning). Alternatively: UK, EU, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, or South Korea.

Durability Testing

The United States of America, Canada, UK, or EU (planned) via in-house, or 3rd party certified, testing.

Chemical Safety Analysis

The United States of America, Canada, UK, or EU (planned) via an independently certified lab.

Physical Safety Analysis

The United States of America, Canada, UK, or EU (planned) via an independently certified lab.

Environmental Safety Analysis

The United States of America, Canada, UK, or EU (planned) via an independently certified lab.

Until we are 100% sure of the material that the Element reusable flosser will be made of, we can’t answer this questions with certainty. Most likely you’ll simply clean the Element with 100% natural plant soap using a natural sponge or soft-bristled toothbrush and lukewarm water.

Our Features page talks about the Element’s hygienic design in more detail.

Physical (enamel) safety data will be published on our website once we confirm the final material design.

Chemical and environmental safety data will be made available at that point as well.

The Element reusable flosser uses ~45% less floss than flossing with your fingers. The Element only needs about 10 in (~25 cm) of floss.

The Element is about 4 in (10 cm) long.

Final dimensions and weight are pending confirmation of material design.

The Element reusable flosser will register with the FDA as a class I medical device as required by law. The FDA doesn’t require, nor accept submissions for, approval of class I medical devices such as this. So “FDA approval” isn’t even an option for us.

The Element has patents pending.

The Element reusable flosser is vegan-friendly, yes. It is not tested on animals and it doesn’t use any animal products in its manufacture.

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