The Element is Eco-Friendly

Less Floss
Future Ready


According to dentists, disposable flossers shouldn’t be used more than once.

So as a society:

We need to improve the material design and recyclability of all consumer products.

But the biggest impact we can have right now is to generate less waste to begin with…

And to purchase reusable alternatives like the Element.

Over the long run, the Element is going to be far better for the environment than disposable flossers.

How so?

We’ve calculated the following:

Each person who uses the Element can prevent up to 2.5 pounds (> 1 kg) of single-use flossers from entering the landfill.

Every year.

Combined with the Element’s ease of repairability and durable material design:

It’s as close to a true zero waste flosser as you can get.


A lot of reusable flossers out on the market are pseudo-reusable.

They may last 6-12 months.

But they inevitably fail, trash the planet, and waste more of your time and money.

We’ve built a durable floss holder.

The Element will last you a very long time.

As a direct consequence of that:

You can avoid buying disposable and pseudo-reusable flossers that fill our landfills, trash the sidewalks, and float in the oceans.

Eco-Friendlier Material

As you probably suspect:

All single-use floss picks are bad for the environment.

That’s because the manufacture of disposable flossers uses up new resources and creates new trash in an endless manner. It also contributes to global warming.

Unfortunately, it’s very easy to greenwash reusable flossers as well.

Many reusable floss picks are actually quite harmful for the planet…

Due to their choice of material or poor design.

At the same time:

Creating a perfectly durable, hygienic, and backyard-compostable flosser is not practical given current technological limitations and costs.


We’re researching the best material for our sustainable flosser…

While keeping hygiene, safety, and durability in mind.

The Element’s final material will fit into at least one of the following categories:

  • Recycled
  • Recyclable
  • Biorenewable
  • Biodegradable
  • Compostable

Hybrid materials are not out of the question.

We may use different materials for different parts as well:

Like bamboo for the floss head and stainless steel for the rest of the floss holder

A 100% metal floss pick, however, has been ruled out for safety’s sake.

45% Less Floss

The American Dental Association recommends using 18 in (~46 cm) of floss when flossing with your fingers.

The Element only needs about 10 in (~25 cm) of floss.

This is at least 45% less floss than you’d have to use when flossing with your fingers.

Obviously this is a huge reduction in waste.


We recommend that beginners temporarily start with 12 in (~30 cm) of floss for the first week or so to make it easier to learn how to use our eco-friendly flosser.

Right to Repair

We’re fighting hard against planned obsolescence.

So not only is the Element reusable and durable…

We’ve also thought a lot about empowering you with the right to repair in order to save the Earth’s limited resources.

Backward/Forward Compatibility

Although we can’t possibly think of every scenario:

The Element’s proactive design means we have thought a lot about making it as forward and reverse compatible as possible.

This means our goal is to ensure you only have to buy whatever upgrade you need or want in the future…

Instead of having to buy the Element 2.0…

And having to wonder what to do with your old one.


A separate toothbrush, toothpick, tongue scraper, and flosser clearly use up a lot more of the Earth’s resources than any one alone.

With that in mind:

The Element was designed in three pieces that detach from one another.

This means that the floss pick’s attachment head can be switched out for another attachment head, like a toothbrush.

At the same time:

The other pieces of the Element that make up the handle remain exactly the same, conserving resources in the process.

Various attachment heads are planned for phase 3 of our Timeline.

Vegan Friendly

The Element floss holder is not tested on animals.

Environmental Safety

Contaminants can pollute the water we drink and the food we eat.

And even if that didn’t happen, it’s not right to arbitrarily poison plants and animals.

The Element’s material will be independently tested for numerous environmental toxins. We will publish the results on our website for all to see.

Environmental Transparency

Greenwashing a dental pick is easy marketing and very good for the bottom line.

But it’s really bad for the planet when a supposedly eco-friendly floss pick is anything but.

That’s why one of our main aims is to be transparent in the true environmental benefits of the Element reusable flosser, without overselling things.


Even our website is eco-conscious.

First: runs on 100% renewable energy.

Second: the privacy-respecting and open-source analytics platform we use (Plausible) runs on clean energy itself and they do a great job of explaining how they help our website save energy over the long run as well.