The Best Dental Floss Holders

The Complete Guide (2024)

Full disclosure:

We’re the makers of the Element floss holder.

It may or may not be the best dental floss holder for you.

So we created this ultimate guide to all of the best reusable floss picks out there.

All 50+ of them.

(This is not a sponsored/affiliate article.)

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Written by Artem Cheprasov and reviewed by Khalid Khan, MSc, FCPS.
Last updated: Apr. 15, 2024. See our disclaimer.

An image of the Element reusable floss pick


While conducting research for this guide…

We were shocked to discover over 50 different reusable dental picks.

Everything but a bamboo dental floss holder appears to exist.

We condensed and categorized all of the floss holders that we found as best as we could.

An Image of the Best Dental Floss Holders

The point of this guide isn’t to endorse any one floss handle, though.


It’s simply meant to give you an overview of the best floss holders out there. So you don’t have to spend days looking for them online all by yourself.

Make sure to use all of the links in this guide in order to get more details on each floss handle. Some may help remove plaque and protect your gums better than others.

Furthermore, we provide links in this article for convenience only.

And we’re not associated with any third-party companies mentioned here either.

Think there’s an even better reusable flosser or that we got something wrong?

Let us know.


As the saying goes: you get what you pay for.

Our testing, and independent customer reviews, prove that cheap reusable flossers often suffer from multiple problems.

First, many of them break after a short period of time. So you just end up wasting your money and your time finding another one.

Second, a lot of them are difficult to use.

Third, the floss doesn’t stay as tight as it should. This means you have to re-string the flosser in the middle of flossing. Not fun.

Premium reusable floss picks account for these problems. They’re made to last, are easy to use, and keep the floss nice and taut.

The Element

It goes without saying: we believe that the Element is the best floss holder out there.

The Element is a premium, modern-looking, and eco-friendly reusable floss pick. It’s made to last and features a rich array of features.

First, it’s super-easy to use, keeps the floss nice and tight, and is engineered for closely spaced teeth.

Unlike all the other flossers out on the market, the Element also allows you to floss using a C-shape. Your dentist will probably love that!

This floss pick also features a spool for on-the-go flossing and its organic shape naturally contours to your hand for a comfortable grip.

The Element Pros

  • Works with most types of floss
  • Great for tightly spaced teeth
  • C-shaped flossing
  • A spool for on-the-go flossing
  • Super easy to use

Helpful Links

On a side note: while we think the Element is the best reusable floss pick for a lot of reasons, do consider the other options in the rest of this guide to ensure that it’s the best reusable flosser for your specific needs.


Electric flossers are also known as power flossers or sonic flossers.

They are typically the most-expensive type of floss pick you can buy. Some come with rechargeable lithium batteries. Others come with replaceable batteries.

More often than not, they require the purchase of expensive replacement heads or batteries. So the costs can add up quickly over time.

Of course, electric flossers may be very convenient to use. And that’s a definite plus in terms of taking care of your teeth and establishing good oral hygiene habits.

Nevertheless, we have to be very honest here.

Some of these flossers can damage your gums if you’re not careful.

Also, a lot of electric flossers have gone off the market in recent years as well. Notably, Hammacher Schlemmer.

So when the batteries ended up failing or the replacement heads were no longer available, customers were left with a product they paid for, but couldn’t use.

This is something to keep in mind when buying an electric flosser.

Below, we go over the most famous electric flossers currently available (new or resale).


Video credit: @goflaus5129

Flaus may be one of the best electric flossers out there.

We absolutely love the shape and aesthetics of Flaus. The color is spot on as well.

The company offers a lengthy 2 year warranty and some nice accessories. Like a magnetic mirror mount.

We really like how they thought many things through. Like the ability to use the electric flosser in the shower.

For those who like slightly “smarter” devices, this may be the best reusable flosser for you…

As it has habit-tracking features.

Where is Flaus made?

According to information posted on Kickstarter, Flaus appears to be manufactured in China.

“…the manufacturing process that demands iterative rounds of tooling revisions for constant improvement has simply taken longer than it would have…Our goal had been to complete four total rounds of tooling improvements before shipping out all orders by year-end before Chinese New Year begins (a ~2-month holiday where virtually all manufacturing/supply chain operators shut down and remain closed through January and February)…”

Flaus Pros

  • Modern design
  • 2 year warranty
  • Cool accessories, like a magnetic mount
  • Has a built-in habit tracker
  • Works in the shower

Helpful Links


Video credit: @LanceUlanoff

The Slate electric flosser is advertised as a 3-in-1 kind of tool. Yes, it can floss your teeth. But it can also act as a tongue scraper.

However, we’re not exactly sure what the third function is. Based on the pictures and description…

Maybe it acts as a gum cleaner or gum massager of sorts as well?

That aside, it’s a beautifully designed tool created by a dentist.


The replacement heads can be used more than once although no information on whether that’s hygienic or not is provided as of yet.

Where is Slate made?

Based on update #3 on Kickstarter, it appears that Slate is manufactured in the Philippines.

“We have been finalizing the packaging with the factory in the Philippines.”

Slate Pros

  • Beautiful design
  • Replaceable batteries
  • Long-lasting replacement heads
  • Designed by a dentist

Helpful Links


Video credit: @HomBKaviani

Other power flossers were once out on the market. This includes Oral-B’s Hummingbird electric flosser.

If it’s still for sale, it appears that the supply is erratic at best.


Spare parts like attachment heads appear non-existent or very expensive now that it’s supposedly off the market.

This means a lot of people are forced to trash an otherwise perfectly functional device.

That’s really unfortunately for our planet.

This same fate befell users of the Hammacher Schlemmer sonic flosser.


The Cybersonic power flosser isn’t a standalone flossing unit…

So we’re keeping its description brief.

You’ll have to pay for an entire “system” composed of a battery-powered handle and attachment heads (toothbrush and flosser).

Do note:

The cost of the replacement heads can add up over time.


Completely metal floss picks may seem like a good idea. If they’re manufactured well, they’ll last several lifetimes. They’re also not super expensive.

So in terms of sustainability they have some solid merits we’re fond of.

However, we couldn’t find a single full-metal floss pick that didn’t have some serious issues (according to customer reviews).

Above all else:

Metal floss picks may pose an actual danger to you.

Proceed with caution until further notice.


Video credit: @ElectricTeeth

Update 12/10/21: Durapik confirmed via a Kickstarter update that they ran out of funds and closed. We are very sorry to hear about this as it seemed they made an honest effort to create a good product:

“Still, because of the rising shipping costs we have spent the remainder of the funds on shipping and in return, we are no longer able to continue. This has been a bitter end for us, and we are disappointed in how it all finished as we have had to shut everything down and let go of all the staff.”

Durapik is an all-metal, stainless steel, floss holder.

We have to give credit where credit is due. Durapik is probably one of the best metal floss holders in terms of funding.

Between Kickstarter and Indiegogo, they raised roughly $1M USD in a very short stretch of time.

Durapik looks super-sleek and it comes in a huge range of stunning colors.

There’s even a toothpick that hides in its handle.

The company’s promotional videos make it look easy-to-use and it apparently uses very little floss.

Durapik is also very reasonably priced for what it promises.

Where is Durapik made?

Durapik is manufactured in China.

Durapik Pros

  • Looks super sleek in the concept images
  • Very reasonably priced for what the creators initially claimed about it
  • Uses very little floss in theory
  • Lifetime warranty

Helpful Links

  • Official Durapik website (may no longer work, see our warning and update above)

Other Metal Picks

While there’s no exact Durapik replica…

There are a couple of other full-metal or virtually full-metal floss picks out there of minor note.

We can’t, in good conscience, recommend any of them due to their potential dangers

Unless your dentist says they’re safe enough to use in your case, of course.

Regardless, here are some other metal dental floss holders to think carefully about until then.

Currently For Sale


We could only find one nunchaku-style floss holder. Perhaps because of a patent.

In fact, the company claims their device is “the only flossing system of its kind”.


Video credit: @lunddental

Nunchaku-like flossers are a clever play on the nunchuks martial arts weapon.

The best (and maybe only) example of this are the GumChucks.


It’s two sticks with floss strung between them.

They have generally good reviews and may be fun for kids.

Some company-sponsored research on children shows that nunchaku-style flossers may be as effective as floss in controlling plaque. Kudos to GumChucks on this research.

Do note: you’ll have to buy replacement tips for this style of flosser.


We’ve designed the Element floss holder to be as eco-friendly as possible.

In that light, it’s easy to claim that plastic floss handles are harmful to the planet.

But let’s keep in mind the following:

Single-use floss picks are bad for the environment.


Really bad.

Comparatively-speaking then…

High-quality plastic reusable floss picks, made of the right type of plastic, may still save the planet from a lot of excess trash and global warming.


Video credit: @MissSarahEK


We like the Quip company’s general look of things. It’s all very modern. Their refillable floss handle is no exception.


Quip comes in a well-thought out case with a little mirror attached.

The pick also uses an SLS-free floss. And that’s a big plus for many people.

Although it’s made of plastic…Quip may theoretically last long enough to make up for that eco-nuisance.


Quip uses very little floss.

Quip Pros

  • Nice-looking design
  • Seems relatively easy to use
  • Reasonably priced
  • Uses very little floss, in theory

Helpful Links

EZ Floss Holder

Video credit: @ezflossflossholders4634

The EZ Floss Dental Floss Holder deserves a quick and special mention here.

It’s probably one of the oldest and best dental floss holders out on the market.

A big thanks to them for being the pioneers in making the planet a better place. It consistently gets positive reviews on its website and third party websites as well.

Morph Floss Pen

Video credit: @tgiliveinfo9188

If you’re looking for a floss pen that contains a large spool of floss inside of it, then Morph may be for you.

We’ll let the video above do the explaining. And you can check out their kickstarter here.


Video credit: @iditoothbat4008

Take a look at the Idi Toothbat.

This is a really uniquely designed plastic reusable flosser. It appears to combine elements of an F-shaped floss pick and a Y-shaped floss holder.

In theory, this can help you floss really well all the way to the back of your molars and in between the very front of your teeth.

It appears quite bulky but it may work well for some people anyways (just read through the independent reviews linked-to below).

Toothbat Pros

  • Features a dual Y-shaped an F-shaped design
  • Advertised as keeping the floss really taut
  • Claims to be made of BPA-free plastic

Helpful Links


Video credit: @QicoBay

The QicoBay is a self-restringing refillable floss pick.

The company behind this product claims that you can simply push a button and the floss pick will automatically move to a new section of floss.

Moreover, the dirty section of floss will be moved inside the floss pick, where a layer of silver ions will apparently sterilize the dirty floss to keep things clean.

Worth a look.

QicoBay Pros

  • Auto-restring function
  • Apparently kills all bacteria on dirty sections of floss
  • Claims to be made of BPA-free, biodegradable, plastic

Helpful Links

  • Independent user reviews: unavailable, still in development

Other Plastic Floss Holders

There are a very large number of other plastic reusable flossers.

They are typically very cheap. Lots of reviewers note that many of them are great for people with mobility-related issues.

However, many customers have said these plastic flossers tend to break quickly. So they may need frequent replacement.

Some of these plastic flossers look almost identical, as if a patent expired.

Or they’re simply generic (white label) plastic reusable floss picks.

We just grouped all of them here as a result.

Currently For Sale

  • Paro Floss Holder – also very similar to Quip in function but with a long, thin, handle.
  • Harp – for those with metal braces

Rings & Loops

Ring and loop flossers are typically made of a rubber or silicone-like material. They may be comfortable, especially for people with large gaps between their teeth. However, they appear to be prone to snapping, and so may need frequent replacement.


Video credit: @tammysofer

Ring flossers are basically what they sound like. They are two rings with one form of floss or another attached to them.

Essentially, they act as surrogates for your fingers.

In the video above, you can see that SimplyFloss uses soft rings attached to a silicone band in order to clean the teeth.


Video credit: @ziprings95

Zip Rings achieve much the same feat as SimplyFloss. But with hard plastic rings and a separate spool of regular floss.


Floss Loops are sort of like a rubber band that flosses your teeth.

Uses Snap-On Heads

Some flossers are really just a floss handle with replacement heads that snap on and off after every use.

These flossers tend to be cheap upfront.

However, the cost of replacement heads does add up. Nevertheless, many people with limited mobility have left glowing reviews for these types of floss picks.

Listerine Ultraclean

Video credit: @zaellab6934

The Listerine Ultraclean Access is a reusable “floss wand” or “floss stick” that’s very cheap.

A lot of reviewers noted that it’s ergonomic.

And that people with dexterity issues find this floss wand very helpful.

Even for those who don’t have dexterity issues, reviewers noted that this product is very easy to use.

It’s also quite convenient since the single-use attachment heads quickly snap on and off.

Listerine Ultraclean Pros

  • Generally well-rated
  • Cheap
  • Simple
  • Ergonomic

Helpful Links

Similar Flossers

There are so many other plastic reusable floss wands with single-use attachment heads. Many are now off-market or went unfunded.

Even for the ones available for sale, we could scarcely tell the difference between them.

Currently For Sale


There have been several companies that have attempted to sell whole-mouth flossers.

However, only one has survived to this day.

We suspect that it’s mainly because of the hassle (and costs) of getting one.

We can’t be sure how effective they are either.


Video credit: @flossquick9126

This is quite an interesting category of reusable flossers.

As the video demonstrates above, the FlossQuick device aims to floss multiple teeth at once, using a custom-fitted device.

This might be a very quick way to get your flossing out of the way.

We also like how the company seems quite professional and serious about their craft.

FlossQuick Pros

  • Custom fit
  • Seems like a professional company
  • Might be a quick way to floss

Helpful Links

  • Independent reviews: we couldn’t find any.

3D Printable

There’s a very large number of 3D printable floss handles that people have volunteered on Thingiverse.

They’re free to download and print.

We only ask that you be careful for your sake and that of the planet’s.

Most 3D printing and processing material is highly toxic for the environment…

Or poorly researched when it comes to the effects on your health.

It makes a lot more sense to talk with your dentist.

And to ask them if they have a 3D printer in-office that uses safe, medical-grade, resins that you can pay to use.

With that disclaimer out of the way:

We’ve linked to the most popular reusable floss picks on Thingiverse.

There are a lot more you can search for on that website if 3D printing is the way for you.


This guide linked to all of the currently available floss holders (new or resale). There are over 30 other ones that are currently not for sale.

But we thought the concept flossers below were quite interesting and decided to share them with you just for fun.


Video credit: @crossfloss1930

The CrossFloss is the only chewable flosser we have found.

You just have to watch the video above to see what this looks like in action.

While the idea is clever…

We’re not convinced if this is as effective as regular flossing.

As importantly:

We couldn’t find one for sale anywhere. So it’s just a nice thought at this point.

Toothbrush Combo

Video credit: @flossybrush4033

This is a simple idea:

A toothbrush on one end and a reusable floss pick on the other.

The only ones we found were Flossy Brush, G1, and Oh’Pal.

They all went unfunded.


Video credit: @belbesso1215

Toothpicks can only slide in between very large spaces.

But if you were to cross a toothpick with floss, then we guess you’d get something like a “strip flosser” for lack of a better term.

It’s like a toothpick that can slide in between your teeth much like floss.

We found two examples of this. Both are often unavailable for sale.

  • Bryton steel flossing strips (intermittently on sale)

Dispenser Style

Video credit: @Codgeful

Another clever idea that went unfunded:

A flosser that looks like a floss dispenser.

Skip to 1:50 in the Youtube vid above.

The Kickstarter video here showcases the Fast Floss design a bit better as well.


Some people like their floss head vertical (F-shape) and some like it horizontal (Y-shape).

If you can’t decide which one is best for you…

Then you can just get a reusable floss handle with both types of heads on either end.

Meet the Practicon.

Currently out of stock.

With a Camcorder

Video credit: @miredor3720

We saved the most jaw dropping(?) for last.

It’s a dental pick with a camera attached to it so you can see where you’re flossing.

It’s the Miredor M1 and it’s something to look at…

Even if you don’t speak Mandarin.

It went unfunded but a similar flosser, the FlossElf, did get funded on Indiegogo but apparently can no longer be purchased.