Our Mission

FREE RADiKAL’s mission is to be as conscientious, sustainable, and practical as possible when it comes to designing eco-friendly products, fighting against planned obsolescence, and upholding your right to repair.

This is a delicate balancing act that we are always striving to improve and clearly all of these factors are interlinked.

Our Principles

  • We aim to be conscientious in both meanings of the word.
    • First: we try our best to uphold universal ethics and principles; purposefully looking out for the rights of people and planet in our product design. It’s obvious that good consumer rights are closely linked to healthy environmental rights.
    • Second: we perform meticulous, often painstaking, work to test and improve our products in order look out for your safety and that of the planet’s. Minimally viable products pushed out the door for the sake of quick cash or fame are not our thing, as these are terrible for you and the Earth.
  • We try to be sustainable in both meanings of the word as well.
    • Environmental sustainability: we must create products that are environmentally friendlier alternatives to many of the ones out on the market.
    • Financial sustainability: we don’t race to the bottom, we focus on quality. Therefore, we charge justifiable prices to sustain our business, otherwise we can’t create our quality products for you if we go bankrupt. But even if it’s possible for us to do so, that doesn’t mean we should have the right to:
      • Disregard nature’s health in order to squeeze as much profit out as possible.
      • Charge you the same or more for cheaper-quality goods as we do for high quality goods.
  • We must also be practical.
    • No unicorns or false promises here. We don’t know of a simultaneously—and fully—biodegradable, biorenewable, compostable, non-toxic, durable, and hygienic material that is of low enough cost to be affordable for most consumers. While we always aim to make our products eco-friendlier, we have to balance nature’s rights with real-world practicalities related to product purpose, your health and safety, available materials, and realistic costs for you and us. We also have to avoid deceiving ourselves via greenwashing, as that can hurt the planet.

Our Name & Symbology

Our name, FREE RADiKAL, and logo are symbolic of what we stand for:

  • We’re “free” to do things our way in order to help people and planet.
    • As an ode to nature we chose an animal as our symbol, and the animal that’s often linked to “freedom” is a bird.
  • We may do things a bit “radically” if it helps people and planet.
    • The bird we chose represents Corvids (including crows and ravens), which have a slightly “edgy” and rebellious personality to them; in a good way of course.
  • We also strive to act intelligently-scientifically as much as realistically possible.
    • Science has shown that Corvids are highly intelligent animals.
    • The dot above the only lowercase letter in our logo, “i”, is a nod to chemistry; the symbolism used for free radicals next to uppercase elements.
    • We’re big fans of the evidence-based approach to product design. It may be a hard, confusing, and time-consuming method…and the best available evidence doesn’t always equate to the best possible evidence due to all sorts of reasons. But we believe that, over the long run, using the best available evidence to help reach a decision is better than simply assuming things and hoping for the best.